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Indian Family Network (IFNet) brings families of Indian heritage that primarily live in the Boston MetroWest area together for cultural, social, and educational events. 

We are tied together by our strong desire to celebrate our cultural roots. IFNet aims to create avenues for families to feel a sense of belonging to their community and make them feel closer to their heritage and each other.

Since 2012, IFNet has been celebrating our Indian culture in ways that seamlessly blend into our Indian-American identity and can be sustained by our children. We deliver our mission in the following ways:

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Provide adults and children opportunities to share cultural and social experiences with like-minded families

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Create a sense of belonging for our children in ways that are relevant and meaningful

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Promote awareness of Indian culture and heritage that augments individual families’ efforts to pass on traditions at home

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Engage in the spirit of giving, including volunteering our time and resources to support our community


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IFNet Logo Icon.png

We connect as friends who feel like family

We cultivate a community that shares common goals and values beyond our country of origin

We cherish our blended Indian-American identity

We celebrate to strengthen cultural connections for our children

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Since the first Diwali Ball in 2012, IFNet continues to live by its mission to bring families together to celebrate our rich culture in meaningful ways.

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