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Safety and Security

IFNet Camp’s security team consists of dedicated parent volunteers.  We have also hired a security guard who will patrol the campsite between 11pm and 6am.


Parent volunteers are responsible for the safety and security of campers and counselors, particularly those in your activities and cabins. If you notice any camper or counselor missing from activities, or any child that appears hurt, upset, scared or overly nervous, please inform camp leadership immediately. 

Cabin parents will be expected to use the Brightwheel app to take attendance in their cabins during bedtime and for other activities during the day. This process will notify the Security team if someone is missing. Cabin parents bring their campers back to the cabins after the Evening Events at the following times:


  • 8:30 Return to Cabin

  • 9:15 Lights Out


  • 9:15 Return to Cabin

  • 10:00 Lights Out


  • 9:45 Return to Cabin

  • 10:30 Lights Out

Cabin parents are required to submit attendance to the security team by lights out (using Brightwheel app), which the security team will confirm for the entire camp. Once the final security check is completed in the cabins, no campers are allowed to leave the cabin. 

If at any time you notice campers or counselors missing from your activities or bunk, please contact the IFNet security team immediately: 

Nish - 617-388-9494

Ohm - 312-545-3525

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