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Ice Breakers

Try these Ice Breakers to kick off you Enrichment Activity. They will help get campers (and you) loosend up, laughing and ready to learn.

Animal Sounds Orchestra:

  • Divide the children into groups and assign each group an animal (e.g., dogs, cats, birds).

  • Ask each group to come up with the funniest or most exaggerated version of the animal's sounds.

  • When everyone is ready, have each group take turns performing their animal sounds simultaneously, creating a hilarious animal sounds orchestra.


Mirror, Mirror:

  • Ask the children to pair up and face each other.

  • One child will be the leader, and the other will be the mirror.

  • The leader performs funny movements or expressions, and the mirror must imitate them exactly.

  • After a short time, have them switch roles and continue with a different leader.

  • This activity will bring lots of laughs as they mimic each other's silly actions.


Reverse Charades:

  • Instead of having one person act out while others guess, reverse the roles.

  • Have one person from the group (or multiple people) try to guess the word or phrase while the rest of the group acts it out together.

  • This collaborative twist adds a fun and chaotic element to the game, leading to laughter and bonding among the participants.


Giggle Trivia:

  • Prepare a list of funny and light-hearted trivia questions suitable for the age group.

  • Have the children take turns answering the questions, and share the correct answer in a humorous way, regardless of whether they get it right or wrong.

  • This game will create a relaxed atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.


Squeeze and Pass:

  • Have all the children sit in a circle.

  • Choose one child to start as the "squeezer."

  • The squeezer gently squeezes the hand of the person next to them, who then squeezes the hand of the next person, and so on, continuing around the circle.

  • When the squeeze reaches the last person, they say or do something funny.

  • The laughter and amusement from the funny action will encourage the next round to begin.

  • Repeat the process with a new squeezer each time.

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