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Health Center

Our health team is responsible for the health and safety of our campers, counselors and volunteers. Our physician volunteers serve as camp doctors and someone is always available 24 hrs a day to handle health issues and emergencies. If you have any health related questions about your camper, please bring them to the health center or call one of the physicians at any time. 

On a daily basis, our doctors will be responsible for:

  • Dispensing medications provided by campers' and counselors' parents

  • First aid for minor injuries

  • Treatment for minor illnesses

  • Ensuring health and safety for everyone at camp

  • Daily checks with campers who need to be seen by medical staff

  • Medical record keeping

  • Determining if sick/injured campers, counselors, or volunteers need to be transported to the local urgent care center or hospital

  • Communication with parents on health issues and injuries, on a case-by-case basis

  • Providing TLC

The health center is air-conditioned. If you are concerned that your camper is feeling ill from the heat, please bring them to the health center for evaluation.

If you need anything, please contact our onsite medical professionals:

  • Dr. Kriti Bhatia - 617-676-7726

  • Dr. Brian Patel - 508-783-2679

  • Dr. Ami Maniar - 617-359-1676

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