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Code of Conduct

One of the unique and special aspects of IFNet Camp is the community we create. This community has many elements, one of which is providing a safe and fun environment for kids and adults where each person can be themselves and feel accepted. Maintaining this kind of community requires effort and investment on the part of campers, counselors and volunteers.  

IFNet Camp Community Contract

As a member of the IFNet Camp Community, I will strive to: 

  • Treat everyone in camp (campers, counselors, and volunteers) with kindness and respect. 

  • Accept differences; to create space for difference of opinions, beliefs, and communication styles.

  • Help others feel welcome during camp.  If I see others feeling left out, I will do my best to help them.

  • Communicate directly, share my concerns and solve conflicts in a direct fashion

  • Be an upstander and speak up if someone else is being intentionally or unintentionally hurt either emotionally or physically. 

  • Ask for help when needed and if something makes me feel uncomfortable or upset. 

  • (Counselors) Serve as a role model for campers who are younger than me and may look up to me

  • (Volunteers) Treat all campers and counselors as if they were my own children

  • Adhere to and respect IFNet Camp’s electronics policy, code of conduct and other restrictions and guidelines outlined prior to camp and in this manual

IFNet Camp Code of Conduct & Guidelines

Electronics Policy:

Campers are not permitted to bring any electronics to camp (including no cell phones).  These items, if found, will be taken and donated to charity.  Counselors may bring cell phones only, but no other electronics, and  will be permitted to use cell phones only at specific times which will be described. Volunteers may bring cell phones and only additional electronics necessary to fulfill work obligations, but will attempt to keep usage to a minimum and in designated areas.

Restricted items:

Possession and/or use of knives, weapons, fireworks and lighters/matches is prohibited and will result in immediate dismissal from camp.


Outside food, drinks, candy or gum cannot be brought to camp.  These items could attract wildlife if stored in improper places, present as allergy hazards to fellow attendees and/or engender other unforeseen negative consequences. Any item that constitutes anything edible or drinkable brought from home, if found, will be collected and disposed of. 

Personal Property:

Respect the property of others, which includes not stealing or damaging property on or off camp. Do not go into others' cabins and be disruptive in any way or form. Campers and their families are responsible for reimbursing IFNet and Camp Wicosuta for the costs of repairing or replacing any damaged property. This includes all materials and labor, and can include but is not limited to cabin graffiti, lost or misplaced items, and damaged goods.  


Respect others’ right to privacy, personal space and physical boundaries. Do not participate in unwanted verbal or physical displays of affection and/or sexual behavior. 


Communicate in a respectful manner. Do not use offensive or sexually charged language or gestures, including jokes or slurs. The threat of or actual physical aggression is not acceptable and may result in my dismissal from camp. Bullying will not be tolerated and would result in disciplinary action, which could result in dismissal from camp. 

The IFNet Camp Disciplinary Committee has final say on any disciplinary action.  This could include meetings at camp, missing out of programs, phone calls to external parties, and/or dismissal from camp.  No refunds will be provided if a camper, counselor or volunteer is dismissed from camp.  Any minor who is dismissed from camp must be picked up within 24 hours.  Any adult who is dismissed must leave camp immediately unless otherwise granted permission to stay for a specified period by the IFNet Camp Disciplinary Committee.

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