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2023 Camp Parent Guide

Activity Locations

Locations of enrichment activities and other events.

Cabin Assigments

Volunteer and counselor cabin assignments.

Camp Demographics

Learn about the diverse group of campers attending this year.

Camp Wicosuta Map

Find where you need to go quickly.

Carnival Guide

All you need to know about the Carnival!

Code of Conduct

Policies to keep in mind while at camp.

Contact Information

Contact information for all volunteers.

Counselor Schedules

Find exactly where you need to be when.

Course Descriptions

Descriptions of Enrichment, Arts and Sports activities.

First Night Facilitation Guide

Everything you need to know to make the first night amazing!

Health Center

Information about our health facilities and staff.

Ice Breakers

5 easy ice-breakers you can use to kick off your enrichment activity.

Karma Points

Karma Points are a way to recognize positive actions.

Packing List

Complete list of everything you need for your camper.

Role of Counselors

How counselors are there to help you and your campers.

Safety and Security

How to stay safe and keep our campers safe.

Sports Schedule and Information

Locations and activities of each group's sports activities

Volunteer Responsibilities

What you're responsible for and common questions.

Volunteer Schedules

Your specific schedule including all activities and assignments.

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